Terms and Conditions

  Additional terms and rules due COVID-19 pandemic situation:  

- Currently at the airport unfortunately no meet and greet (waiting in the arrival hall with a paging board / pickup sign board) possibility, due COVID-19!
- The driver monitor your flight. 15 minutes after the plane landed, our driver will contact you via SMS or WHATSAPP text message - on your given mobile phone number - and he will discuss with you the meeting and pickup location! English language only!
- Please switch on your phone after the flight landed immediately!
- Please check in advance that there is an international call permission and Internet access (roaming call and data) for your given phone number!

1.step: The driver will send to you the meeting point location in the SMS or WHATSAPP text (depends on what did you uest for the approval at the booking).
2.step: When you will be there at the pickup point, you must send to him/her back (with a text reply) a signal text (eg.: "I'm here at the meeting point").
3.step: After your final text - what you will send back to the driver when you will be at the meeting point - the driver will be there for you - within the next minutes.
(Explanation: The driver will waiting in the airport parking area. Front of the terminal entrance the waiting with car is prohibited. That is why you need to inform the driver, that he can start to the terminal from the parking, because you have arrived to the pick up point.)

   You can travel SAFELY with us: Clean and Sanitized Cars / All Vaccinated Drivers !  

Thank you for using the services of Budapest Airport Transfer. Our services are subject to the following terms and conditions. You accept these terms and conditions, without limitation or qualification, and acknowledge that any other agreement between you and Budapest Airport Transfer are superseded and have no force of effect.

Reservations and Cancellations:
  • Ride reservations should be made 24 hours in advance.
  • Cancellation of a transfer reservation must be received 3 days in advance or you will be subject to a 50% cancellation charge.
  • Changes, including extra stops, waiting time will be subject to additional charges. Changes may be denied due to the non-availability of drivers.
  • Full fare, including the 20% service charge, will be charged if you fail to appear at the designated driver meeting area
    within 30 minutes of your pick-up time or the arrival of your flight. If you cannot locate your driver
    send sms text to the given Emergency Number (you can find it in the booking finalization email). To avoid being billed for a failure to appear, do not leave the designated meeting place without first contacting Budapest Airport Transfer.
  • Budapest Airport Transfer is not responsible for services delayed or not rendered due to weather, accidents or other conditions beyond its control.

Rates and Service Fees:
  • Rates and service fees are listed on the Budapest Airport Transfer website and are subject to change without notice. Minimum rates are established depending on the time involved and the nature of the trip. Applicable taxes will be added as required.
  • The drivers will not ask for an additional tip and you do not have to pay an additional gratuity. If you wish to pay for truly outstanding service, make the payment in cash directly to your driver.
  • Round trip payment policy: If you booked a round trip transfer (with return), you must pay the full transfer fee in one amount when you arrive. You will get a round trip return voucher from the driver. In this case, the return route is without payment.

Payments and Collections
  • All rates and services are due upon provision of the service.
  • Payment through credit cards must be authorized in advance of service.

General Terms:
  • These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Hungary. You hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts of Budapest for any disputes arising out of the services provided by Budapest Airport Transfer
  • If any part of these terms and conditions is determined to be invalid or unenforceable, then the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed to be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision.
  • Budapest Airport Transfer may at any time without notice revise these terms and conditions by updating this document and providing it to customers in the normal course of business.

Smoking: All of our vehicles are NON-smoking. If smoking occurs in a vehicle, the charter will be terminated, no-refund will be issued and additional fees may be assessed.

Alcohol: Alcohol will NOT be allowed in the vehicle if any passengers are under the age of 18. If this is found, the charter may be terminated immediately and no refund will be given. Atlantic Limousine will strictly enforce State and Federal Laws and will maintain a zero tolerance compliance policy that no alcoholic beverages can be consumed or used by any person not of legal drinking age. All hungarian law enforcement agencies have absolute power to stop any motor vehicle for administrative searches. If contraband is aboard, even in negligible quantities without the chauffeur’s knowledge, they can seize and forfeit this vehicle to a local government agency. All law enforcement agencies are aggressively enforcing this policy. Therefore no person will bring contraband aboard vehicles that are owned or operated by Budapest Airport Transfer.

Chauffeur’s Discretion: Budapest Airport Transfer reserves the right to terminate any reservation without refund, if the Operator or the Dispatcher on duty feels that the client and/or Party of the client is putting the Operator or the mode of transportation or the client and/or Party of the client in danger of damage or injury. Operator may terminate the reservation at any time if the client and/or party become unruly and/or uncontrollable.

Damages and cleaning: The client will be charged for any damages that are caused by his/her guests.
Client is also responsible for any future “loss of use” of the limousine as a result of damages caused by the client or his/her guests.

Personal Items: Budapest Airport Transfer is not responsible for any articles left in the vehicle. Be sure to double check the vehicle at the end of your charter.

Weather/Traffic/Breakdowns: Budapest Airport Transfer cannot be held responsible for any mechanical breakdowns, inclement weather conditions, traffic conditions, or any other acts of God. Since Budapest Airport Transfer offers high-tech-equipped vehicles, sometimes heat and excessive use of all power-operated equipment might be subject to temporary failure. This will of course not interfere with the safety of the vehicle itself and therefore will have no effect on continuing or paying of the contracted trip. Budapest Airport Transfer guarantees, that all our vehicles are constantly checked to keep the highest possible standards and eliminate such failures as much as possible. Budapest Airport Transfer agrees to send the requested vehicle as offered in the contract. We have the right to upgrade the vehicles or switch the vehicles in case of emergency breakdown or if vehicles were in accidents. If no upgrade is available, Budapest Airport Transfer gives the customer the right to downsize the vehicle and receive additional discounts if wanted. Customer’s therefore accepts that a replacement limousine may be substituted if contracted limousine becomes unavailable for any reason.

Deposits and Cancellation Policy: Deposits are non-refundable, no exceptions. If cancellation is made within 10 days of the reservation, any funds over and above the deposit will be added to billing contact’s account to be used for a future charter. No-shows and/or cancellations after scheduled vehicle departure will be charged full fare, including gratuity.

Proms: No alcohol of any kind will be consumed or possessed by any member of the group in the car. Any bags (INCLUDING PURSES) must be in the front seat with the driver. The partition must remain down at all times of the service. A PARENT MUST BE PRESENT to sign the Prom Agreement while the first pickup is being made. For more information on Prom rules and requirements please contact Budapest Airport Transfer.